Organ Renovation Project

Ascension’s organ was built in 1964 by the M.P. Möller Organ Company of Hagerstown, MD.
The restoration of our 50-year old organ will be done in two phases. Phase 1 addresses the issues of the organ console and restoration of the Möller windchests, reservoirs and pipework. The present pneumatic workings of the console will be replaced with solid state components bringing the organ console to present day standards. Our existing keyboards of valuable English Ivory will be retained in the new solid state console. It will also add 32’ digital extensions to the pedal division, MIDI, playback capability, and 99 levels of piston memory.
Phase 2 enhances the tonal resources of the organ. The addition of these new pipes will allow for a display of pipework to be visible, providing a striking visual impact, further enhancing the impressive architectural statement of our sanctuary.

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