Homeless Jesus Sculpture

Ascension Lutheran Church became the permanent home of a life-size bronze sculpture titled Homeless Jesus when it was unveiled on Sunday, November 23, 2014 with a community service of dedication.

Created by Canadian sculptor Timothy P. Schmalz and fabricated in bronze, Homeless Jesus is inspired by Matthew: 25:40. “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” The sculpture is a representation that suggests Christ is with the most marginalized in our society. The Christ figure is shrouded in a blanket. The visible wounds on the feet are the only indication that it is Jesus. The life-size version of the work has enough room that someone is able to sit on the bench.

“The dedication is an invitation to everyone – church-goers and non-church goers, to be part of a community that cares for one another,” says Reverend Ryan Hersch, pastor of Ascension. “This statue is for all of us.”

Ascension will be the exclusive location for the sculpture in Phoenix; currently, four other major markets worldwide also have a sculpture. The sculpture’s powerful image, intended to elicit compassion, reflection and un-ease amongst onlookers has sparked controversy in other cities. In 2013, Pope Francis blessed the original wooden statue of Homeless Jesus, following a meeting with the artist. The wooden statue will remain in the Vatican until a location for the full-size sculpture is identified in Rome.

“Homeless Jesus sitting there on a park bench is speaking with an invisible loudspeaker to all who pass by, saying ‘Come and sit awhile with me, talk to me. I understand and I am walking with you through all the trials of your life’,” says Deacon Jayne Baker of Ascension. “The sculpture speaks volumes, without saying a word.”

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