Lefse Making

Lefse is an old Scandinavian delicacy.

The main ingredients of Lefse are mashed potatoes and flour. They are enriched with butter, cream, and a little sugar and salt according to a recipe.

When the dough is at the right feel to roll well it is divided into balls. A ball is then placed on a floured surface and rolled into a large thin circle.

It is then baked until it is bubbly with little brown spots on the bottom. It is then turned with a long flat wood stick and baked on the other side. When done, they are placed between towels on a rack to cool.

The early Scandinavians baked their Lefse directly on the cook top of their wood burning kitchen range. Today we bake the Lefse on a special large electric grill.

A Lefse circle is usually divided into fourths or more, then spread with butter and sprinkled with sugar. Finally, it is rolled up to be eaten and enjoyed.

-Contributed by Gladys Cheney

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