One of the most impacting events in the lives of any couple is when those two persons unite spiritually and formally, in Holy matrimony, before God, family and cherished friends.

This is the one event that can never be matched… a precious moment in time to be remembered forever. And, where this wedding takes place is paramount to those wonderful and spiritually motivated moments.

The architectural design of thechurch and sanctuary is truly unique, designed by the world famous Taliesin West Frank Lloyd Wright architects. Ascension is built in the shape of a pentagon, with five  sides, instead of the usual four of most other buildings and interiors.

The five-sided design of the Ascension Sanctuary is not only beautiful to view, but also provides an unparalleled acoustical quality of voice and musical projection.

And, speaking of music, Ascension is proud to be home to one of Arizona ’s most distinguished pipe organs, an original Möller installation, which fills the sanctuary with the richest musical sounds that any physical structure could possibly contain.

The design of our Sanctuary also includes four special stained-glass windows (shown in “Campus Environment” web page) that contribute to an ever-changing lighting environment, changing moods every hour of the day.

If you are planning a wedding in the near future, you owe it to yourself to visit Ascension Lutheran Church in Paradise Valley, Arizona to realize first hand just how beautiful your wedding day could possibly be. You can feel God’s love shining down upon you as you pledge your vows.

The picture possibilities, created by your selected professional photographer, will be just wonderful from any direction.

Come visit Ascension and meet with the Pastor.  Be informed of what is required from everyone involved.  It’s enlightening and exciting!  Call the church office at 480-948-6050 to arrange for a visit. We have a special brochure just for you that explains everything you should know about weddings at Ascension, including where to start planning, what to expect, pricing for all the various services you will need, and just what  is next, on this your most important date, with God, your new spouse, your loving families and special friends.